Lazy Mom Cinnamon Buns

I LOVE cinnamon buns.. or scrolls, whatever you call them, I think they are the best for all kinds of Swedish fika (our word for a relaxed coffee and something sweet break!). But I’m not a huge fan of making dough so I used to never make them myself, saving that treat for when we go back to Sweden in summer. I’m quite simply too lazy to make it and always worry it’s not going to turn out good enough!

But when I’m pregnant I can’t control the urge to make soft, sugary and buttery buns so I’ve started doing my own lazy mum version which saves on time (and dough worry) but not on flavour! My cheat version uses a white bread mix base which truly makes it fool proof. Make sure you pick one thats soft and not too crusty though and never overtake the buns (I have sadly made that mistake a few too many times!).

I’m not going to write out exact quantities because fellow lazy mom, you don’t need them! Just make sure the dough is rolled out as thinly as possible and spread that butter generously! Eat the buns warm with a chilly glass of strawberry cordial or a glass of milk, both of which are the Swedish way to enjoy them in summer!

Happy baking!



1 dough mix for a large loaf of white bread (or try wholemeal- works too!) + 1-2 tsp ground cardamom

Extremely soft butter



1 egg


Make dough (with added cardamom) and let rise according to instructions. When dough has doubled in size roll out on a flat, floured, surface. Roll it out as thinly as you can, that makes for more yummy layers! Spread butter on the dough and sprinkle with a GENEROUS amount of sugar and cinnamon (I always use dutch cinnamon as I find the Australian one tastes like bark). Roll up neatly cut up into 1,2-2 cm thick rolls. Place on a lined baking tray and leave for about 20 mins under a kitchen towel to rise a little again (this step can be excluded because honestly find it works well anyway!). Whisk an egg in a cup and brush over the buns, then bake in a force fan oven on 190 degrees celsius for about ten minutes, or until they are slightly golden!

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