Brunette to Blond – without completely ruining my hair!

If you naturally have dark hair going blond is quite a process and as my lovely hairdressers says transformation (unfortunately!) doesn’t happen overnight. Here I’m sharing a bit of process of going blond- with my hair quality magically intact in the process.

I should add that if you don’t want to read about all my hairscapades- and I completely get if you don’t- scroll down for the tips on how to keep your hair healthy!

Throughout the years I’ve had every single hair style from waist long dark hair of bleached hair (and eyebrows!) to a pitch black pixie cut, all with more or less flattering results. I’ve attached a few old FB photos here for you to giggle over but I’m sad to say I seem to have destroyed the evidence of the really bad ones!

After calming my palm with the horrendous styles of my youth I stayed golden blond for a while before going brunette again a few years before our wedding back in 2016. See photo below of me having a BAD hair day back in 2013 and my husband and his luscious locks looking like he’s coming straight out of a DJ gig in Ibiza haha!

I didn’t do anything with my hair for years and didn’t so any highlights or freshening up prior to the wedding which in hindsight I regret because it would have looked a lot better, even though I’m lucky all the sun tanning prior to it all gave me a few naturally! See below.

But anyway! Enough hair rambles. Back in January this year I was still a dark brunette but after saving my hair for so long, only doing the minimum trims a few times a year, it started to feel like I had a giant curtain of thick hair that never looked very good and felt extremely boring, something that probably has to do with the fact that I’m not very good at styling my hair. So I decided to go blond to liven things up a little!

Before the hair app my hair looked like on the photo above, just a lot more tired! But the appointment that was supposed to transform this boring mama turned into an absolute disaster. I got to the hairdresser, sat down in the chair and showed the lady some photos of what I had in mind and she got to work with the highlights. Five minutes after she’s put a crazy amount of foils at the bottom of my hair and about three on top my hair has a chemical reaction and got so hot that my hair practically turn white. But the top was still “looking good” so she just took out the bottom ones out and the waiting game started again. After a lot of time the hair was “done” and I looked in the mirror to see what I would have looked like if mum had let me dye my hair in the early 2000’s. Argh!

My hair was dark on the top and then there was a ring of icy platinum blonde underneath. I died a little inside but decide maybe this was my new look? At least it’s different. When I leave the girl who blow dried my hair (not the boss who did the highlights) looks me in the eye and says “if you feel it’s not finished or you don’t like it come back” and I go to find my husband who goes “wow” and then tries to make me feel better about this disaster hair of mine. We start the drive home but half way there this rage bubbles up in me (possibly fuelled by not having had a morning coffee #dangerous) and I make him turn around so I can go back and get them to fix it.

When he does so without complaining I know he too thinks it’s a must to get this do redone. The lady who told me I could come back understands completely and whispers that she too wouldn’t have been happy either if this was her hair and immediately “fix” it. Yet it still looks absolutely awful when I leave and it’s just a mess of white hair underneath and yellow stripes on top.

I was pretty devastated because while my brown hair had been “boring” it was still of great quality. Something that probably saved my hair in the end. I ended up going to Oscar and Ivy Hair Co after walking past their salon and seeing a bunch of happy customers walking out with beautiful and stylish looking hair. So glad I did, see photo above after the first app- and with a wine in hand to steady my nerves as its prior to falling pregnant!). From now on I’m always extremely careful who I let near my hair!

In order to make my hair not fall out and break too much I used a lot of Olaplex leave in treatments the months after, as well as making sure I never washed it too much to try and avoid drying it out. It took at least five appointments to get to the blonde colour I have today too. Slow and steady sure wins the race! This far I’ve always done a whole head of foils for a more even colour and I think that has made a big difference in how long it’s taken to go full blond.

I asked my lovely hairdresser over at Oscar and Ivy Hair Co in Busselton if they could share a few tips on the brunette to blond. transition and here’s what they said is the most important thing to remember.

1. To start with never attempt DIY blonding. It’s risky and you can damage your hair!

2. Use Olaplex as an in salon service (I can testify this makes my hair feel amazing) and home treatments to ensure your hair is kept in the best condition and you can continue going lighter at a steady pace.

3. Be careful when using heat styling and always use a heat protection!

On their advice I also try to only wash my hair once or twice a week and use great quality products that I know are going to be good for where my hair is at. I used to feel really sceptical about the hair products sold by hair dressers but since starting to trust that they know my hair better than I do I’ve really seen an improvement in hair quality. At the moment I’m loving the Original Mineral products and while I don’t do it as often as I should I try to do one leave in treatment when possible and make that a relaxing moment for me. Easier said than done with a little toddler but so worth it! Having good hair can really lift my spirits and I’m so glad I decided to go lighter. Now to learn how to style it too..

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