Pip’s Banana Bread

I love banana bread and as you can see on the photo so does Pippa! What I don’t always love is the crazy amount of sugar some recipes state that you should put in it. Pip doesn’t need it and I eat so much chocolate I don’t feel the need to make my banana bread sugary too! While I could easily find endless of beautiful and healthy recipes online I am a lazy bum at heart and prefer to just chuck things in a bowl and hope for the best. That’s how I whipped up my own recipe instead and after a few trials I’ve concluded that, humble as I am, this is my favourite banana bread ever. It’s super moist, full of goodness and tastes so delicious! And it is SO easy to make too. I always make sure I have a few slices ready to go in zip lock bags in the freezer as my little lady is quite picky with her food at times and it’s good to have something like this prepared because I know she will always eat it.

It’s a good base recipe if you omit the raisins, so definitely change it up after taste or depending what you have in the pantry or fridge. Swap the sultanas for dates, berries, it’s or if you feel indulgent some nice farm chocolate. Hope you will like it as much as Pip and I!



4 large bananas (do not need to be super ripe)

2 1/2 cups of whole meal self rising flour

3/4 cup of full fat milk

50g melted butter

1/4 cup ground linseed

1/2 cup ground almonds

2 large eggs

75g of sultanas

Generous dusting of cinnamon

Optional banana for decoration


1. Put the oven on 185 degrees Celsius. Place ALL ingredients in a big bowl and stir until fully combined.

2. Line a large loaf tin with baking paper and add the batter into the tin. Slice a banana lengthwise and place on top of the batter.

3. Bake for about 50 mins to an 1 hour but check with a skewer after 40 mins as ovens vary a little!

4. Let cool completely (I reckon it tastes better the day after baking) or eat warm with butter, yum!


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