Pip’s New Bike!

I have a confession to make. I am TERRIBLE at not telling my husband, or anyone in my family, what they are having for Christmas. I sometimes even offer to give it to them early because I’m exited to see if they like it. I know… so bad! But it’s deeply rooted in me and hard to break! Even when we were kids I used to make my mum tell me what she was giving my sister, and then I’d say to her if she found out what I was having I would tell her what she was having. Yep, worked a treat and was only a little bit boring on Christmas Day. But if totally upped my acting skills from bad to not too bad so that was a plus!

Anyway! Apparently I am also not very good at not giving a present to my baby too early! But Pippa has had a rough week with a cold and four teeth coming through, lots of tears have been shed and I knew this trike would make her so happy and so yesterday Christmas came early for Pippa when I put together her Tiny Tot Bamboo Trike.

While she’s HATED all other types of trikes, bikes or walkers this one she really likes and I think it’s because it’s super stable. The cute little basket adds a lot too as she can put her little toys in and out for ages without getting bored.

I always find it a little hard to know what big toys to get Pip as you kind of want to get something that she can use for a long time and this trike can be turned into a balance bike, making it a good purchase.

Really I just wanted to post this to share what in a mums eyes are cute pics of her happy baby getting her Christmas toy six weeks before Christmas!


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